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Das Ärzteteam unserere HNO Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr. Höppner, Dr. Letzsch und Dr. med. Sasama in Berlin Zehlenedorf

Jürgen Höppner

Trained ENT Specialist | Plastic Surgery | Laser Surgery

"My passion is helping those of my patients who are chronically unable to breathe through the nose or experience recurrent paranasal sinus inflammations. My many years of surgical experience enable me to reopen their nasal respiratory passages for a new quality of life."

Thomas Letzsch

Trained ENT Specialist | Laser Surgery

"My special areas of expertise include not only surgery of the nose and nasal respiratory
passages but also the surgical treatment of middle ear disorders and throat and salivary gland surgery."

Dr. med. Jan Sasama

Trained ENT Specialist | Laser Surgery

"For children it is particularly troublesome if they cannot hear or breathe well. Therefore, their care is something very special for me every time I treat them with enthusiasm and
my specialist experience. Should other therapies not help well enough, I can cure children as well as grown ups with surgery.
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