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Diagnostik in unserer HNO Gemeinschafts-Praxis Letzsch und Höppner in Berlin Zehlendorf

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Difficulties in hearing, breathing or sleeping need not be simply accepted.
We not only have an open ear for small problems but also the professional means to help you.

Besides identifying normal ENT disorders, we also focus on the diagnosis of special problems.
We perform endoscopic nasal examinations, measure the freedom of your nasal respiration, test your olfactory functions, diagnose chronic problems of snoring and respiration, carry out allergy tests, and track down causes of hearing and disorders of equilibrium. Naturally, our medical expertise also covers the diagnosis of all forms of hearing impairment in children, adolescents and adults. If you wear or need a hearing aid, we check it at regular intervals.

Do your own check: Do you have problems with these common symptoms?

Do you often feel tired, lacking in sleep, out of energy or even irritable in the morning?

Does your spouse say you snored loudly or that your breathing stopped periodically?

Have you often experienced difficulty drawing in air through the nose and/or a dry mouth?

And: Do you think that no one can help you?

Good, unobstructed nasal respiration is essential to restful sleep. Only healthy sleep leads to full regeneration of the body and is the prerequisite for remaining healthy with advancing age. Finding whether you have respiratory problems and alleviating them is one of our primary aims. Many of our patients tell us after treatment that they feel much fitter and should have gotten therapy much sooner.

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