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| Cildren and Adolescends

Kinder und Jugendliche als Patienten in unserer HNO Geminschafts-Praxis Letzsch und Höppner in Berlin Zehlendorf
One of our key areas is the treatment of children and adolescents with hearing impairment,
recurrent infections of the upper airways, and/or impediments to nasal respiration.

Never Fear

In many children, polyps must be removed or highly enlarged palatine tonsils reduced in size.
In adolescents, oversized nasal conchas often cause breathing through the mouth, and it may be necessary
to reduce their size with minimal-invasive techniques. We carry out these minor surgical procedures
in a relaxed outpatient atmosphere which eliminates patients' fear from the very beginning.

We carry out the following procedures in children and adolescents every week:

Pharyngeal tonsil surgery (adenotomy)

MTonsil surgery (tonsillectomy)

Laser tonsil reduction (laser tonsillotomy)

Celon® nasal concha reduction

Tympanic membrane incision with tympanic tube insertion as required

Closure of tympanic membrane defects (tympanoplasty)

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