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Patienteninformation Diagnostik in unserer HNO Gemeinschafts-Praxis Letzsch und Höppner in Berlin Zehlendorf

At a Glance

We offer non-surgical therapy in our ENT group practice as follows:

Nasal respiratory impediments / paranasal sinusitis

Medicinal therapy (according to the most modern therapeutic guidelines)

Physical therapy

Ultrasound inhalation therapy

High-pressure inhalation therapy

Microwave therapy

Allergic cold symptoms / hay fever

Allergy treatment / hyposensibilization

Snoring / sleep-related respiratory impairment

Initiation & coordination of various forms of sleep therapy

Hearing defects / tinnitus

Medicinal therapy, including infusion therapy for inner ear disorders

Vertigo / disorders of equilibrium

Medicinal therapy, anti-vertigo training

In collaboration with osteopaths, physiotherapists and tinnitus centres

Hoarseness / coughing / dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing)

Medicinal therapy, including infusion therapy for infections of the respiratory tract

Homeopathic Therapy

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