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Patienteninformation operative Therapien in unserer HNO Gemeinschafts-Praxis Letzsch und Höppner in Berlin Zehlendorf

At a Glance

We carry out the entire spectrum of ENT operations:

Nasal septum surgery (plastic septum surgery), including nasal concha reduction

Endoscopic paranasal sinus surgery (with minimal-invasive techniques)

Middle ear surgery (including otosclerosis operations)

Microsurgery of the larynx

Soft palate & anti-snoring operations

Plastic surgery (otoplasty - correction of ear position, correction of the outer nose/rhinoplasty)

Salivary gland surgery

Special Techniques

Laser surgery procedures (diode laser, CO2 laser)

Radio-frequency surgery (Celon® technique)

Atraumatic stapes surgery

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