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Keyboard shortcuts for navigation

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used on our website:(Further down below you can find
additional explanations (Alt + u regarding the different keystroke combinations of different browsers)

Jumps to elements of currently displayed page
The columns of content of our site The sub-pages of the itemized columns can be reached as follows:
Keyboard shortcuts of internet browsers

Besides the website of www.hno-berlin-zehlendorf.de, your internet browser itself provides standard keyboard commands.
The below listed shortcuts should be working for the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Browser.

Please note that surfing the internet with the "Microsoft Internet Explorer",
you are to press the Enter-key, after pressing the keystroke combination in order to execute the command.

Keyboard shortcuts for websites in Firefox on Windows

Firefox the standard settings on Windows computers Alt + Shift + character or number.

Keyboard shortcuts for websites in Safari

In order to use access keys with Safari, press
Ctrl instead of Alt, and thus Ctrl + character.

Keyboard shortcuts for websites in Opera

1. Shift+ ESC
2. Character
3. Enter

One advantage is that Opera shows all shortcuts for each website when you press Shift + ESC.

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